Our Favorite Powerful Quotes About Recovery

Despite the enormous weight motivational quotes can carry, meaningful recovery also requires action. If you need help with addiction, please get in touch with Steps Recovery Center. Our staff is here to care and support you in this journey. For me, I just happened to be in a situation the very last time and I said, “You know what? I don’t think I can continue doing this.” And I reached out for help and I ran with it, you know? It’s really not that difficult to overcome these seemingly ghastly problems.

recovery sayings

Below, we’ve collected some of our favorite recovery quotes. First, you’ll find some inspirational wisdom for when the path https://ecosoberhouse.com/ seems steep. Second, you’ll see some testimony from celebrities who have battled addiction and come out the other side.

Overcoming addiction quotes

No matter whether you’ve just kicked the habit or are several years clean, there are going to be tough times that tempt you to go back to your bad habits. When those times inevitably occur you must be strong and keep moving forward, one step at a time. While it is important to work through issues like these in counseling, and to make amends wherever you can, you cannot let that work spill over into your entire life. Eventually, the time always comes to let go—for your own good. The final step in 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is to spread the message to other people living with addiction. By helping others into recovery, you’re reminded of your own progress, shake off any complacency in your sobriety, stay accountable, and find happiness and fulfillment.

recovery sayings

Most business recovery plans focus on recovering IT and production infrastructure. One thing that can help further is to ensure that the recovery of data infrastructure is focused on the most critical data. By taking a tiered approach that’s based on data criticality, disaster recovery can proceed more quickly, because the right amount of effort is being spent on the right problems. However, many businesses overlook critical aspects of a well-rounded plan, which can lead to longer recovery times, higher cost impacts and lost trust. Do you have a friend or loved one that is celebrating their sobriety anniversary? Getting them a card, sending them a quick text, or taking them out to dinner are all great ways to congratulate them on their sobriety.

“Nothing changes if nothing changes.”

From musicians to painters to actors, the world of art is full of those on the journey to recovery and those still in the grips of addiction. We can learn much from these people, who express life’s pain, struggles, and joys with such beauty, no matter the medium. Self-love is one of the most important steps for recovering addicts to achieve because it is oftentimes one of the root causes of addiction. Self-love involves accepting your flaws as a human being by letting go of internally held biases and allowing yourself to find happiness within instead of through material means. Addiction is often rooted in poor self-esteem, which then erodes further as you fail to stop using, feel stigma and shame, and neglect your physical and mental health. Self-love is crucial to your recovery, helping you tend to your needs, forgive yourself, and work towards a better life.

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  • The Rooted alumni program will be offered to all clients who complete their treatment plan within the Promises Behavioral Health family of facilities.
  • Through our integrated treatment programs, we’ve helped thousands of people choose recovery over addiction and get back to life on their own terms.
  • They can be a comforting shoulder—or a bracing reality check—when you need it most.
  • By bridging the gap after treatment, clients can return to their recovery roots and find hope during difficult times.

Doing these things will help them build self-confidence and remind them of your ongoing support. Reinforcing their positive behavior (sobriety) can go a long way, especially on hard days when they are struggling. Aside from just verbalizing your support for a sober loved one, there are other ways you can acknowledge their sobriety anniversary and show your support. Reaching a sobriety milestone, no matter how big, is an important and worthwhile accomplishment. As a friend or loved one of someone in recovery, your congratulations will likely be well-accepted, especially if you put careful thought and consideration into how you express it. Take the first step toward addiction treatment by contacting us today.

Alcoholism quotes

They may just seem like words at first, but here’s the thing – words are powerful, and even better, they’re a comfort in hard times (and sobriety is hard). They let us know we are not alone, that other people have felt and experienced the same things as us. Recovering from alcohol addiction can feel intimidating. Sometimes, a boost of encouragement, or a reminder that you’re not alone, can make all the difference.

Personalized aftercare can make all the difference in building recovery that lasts a lifetime. BRC Recovery’s comprehensive approach bridges the gap from treatment to independence, and our programs center around coaching, accountability, and family. If you sobriety sayings or a loved one could benefit from additional support, wherever you are in your recovery journey, you can reach out to our team by calling us. Recovery is one of the most rewarding endeavors you’ll ever undertake – one with benefits that last a lifetime.