Generative AI to Reshape the Future of Health Care Deloitte US

The contributors to the development and analysis of this survey include Michael Chui, a partner of the McKinsey Global Institute who is based in McKinsey’s San Francisco office, and Sankalp Malhotra, an alumnus of the New York office. High performers are also much more likely than other organizations to go beyond providing access to self-directed … Leer más

How to stand out as an IoT Platform Vendor

ScienceSoft USA Corporation, of Mckinney, TX, is a service company for IT services such as app development, data analytics, cloud platforms, messaging, and more. Their focus on cybersecurity and safety allows them to meet HIPAA, ACA, and many more safety standards, and they are among the top 10 fastest-growing data analytics companies today. Their IoT … Leer más