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Payday loans no credit check the film, it is mentioned that Rajindar is looking for work in the city and his wife, Kanta, is currently a teacher in the city. Dadi is worried that Rajindar will cease to contribute to the farm financially. If that should happen, she would have to split the family wealth - a scenario that she finds highly undesirable. This can be seen from her statement on how wealth is useless without family. This is evident from her remarks about how the family can bear anything because they suffer together.

Darshini and Sita seem to share this view, as one of them explains that the burden of paying for the children's education is shared in the family. This means that they do not need to worry about their children's education. For them, the family can thus be seen as a support system.

Family as a burdenHowever, as one of the daughter-in-laws highlighted, the family can be a burden to some individuals, specifically Rajinda and Kanta. They have no children to be educated and they live apart from the family. But they have to contribute to the farm financially.

There is little financial gain for them, if one sees it from the economical point of view. Dadi is clearly worried that Rajinda and Kanta will cease to contribute to the farm economically. Such socio-economic changes (examplified by Rajinda and Kanta) threaten the stability and cohesion of Dadi's family. Thus, from the lives of the various people in Dadi's family, we can see payday advance how the recent socio-economic changes, such as increasing literacy rates, are affecting the traditional family structure in Haryana region of Northern India.

An effect of increasing literacy rates is mentioned by Dadi. Women in Northern India are seen as belonging to an inferior caste. If a woman is uneducated like Dadi, she has no alternatives to life other than marriage. If she was educated like Kanta, she could have alternatives such as working in the city. This advantage of education was one that Dadi did not have.

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