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Posting ad to Nettiauto is fast and freefor private sellers. MICHELIN Websites FIND THE RIGHT TYRE BROWSE ALL TYRES FIND A Online loans Home Passenger car tyres citroen ds 4 Car Tyre Size THE EXACT TYRE MATCH FOR YOUR CITROEN DS 4 Put safety and fuel efficiency first with the perfect tyre fit.

SELECT THE MODEL OF YOUR CITROEN DS 4 TO FIND YOUR TYRES citroen ds 4 Find the right Tyre BY VEHICLE BY TYRE SIZE NEED HELP You can start searching by brand : you will need car details (available on your vehicle manual or license document) and tyre size. All rights reservedcitroen online loans 4. For the company CITROEN, No comments found. Helpful information on the advertising rules and examples of previously published ASA rulings based upon topics, issues and media payday loans online channels. A TV ad and a radio ad for the Citroen C3 car seen in December online loans and heard on 13 February 2017 respectively:a.

The TV ad showed a man using a built-in camera just in front of the rear view mirror of a car to take photographs of landmarks, images and letters. The radio ad featured a couple driving in a car. A man (who was not driving) pointed out a singer that his partner liked, saying "Eyes on the road" and "Don't look, drive".

The voice-over online loans "The new Citroen C3 with connected cam Citroen. And footage captured could help in the event of an accident. Always drive responsibly and only operate the camera when not driving. Citroen UK Ltd believed the one-click button on the camera situated just behind the vehicle's interior rear-view mirror was no more distracting to press than turning on the radio and was designed to avoid driver distraction.

They said the camera was designed to be used when the vehicle was stationary. They said the TV ad did not show the driver using the camera while the vehicle was moving and did not show him using his phone to send the photographs. Clearcast said online loans approved the ad for transmission on the basis that taking a photograph by pressing a single button was no different from pressing any other button in a car, and that the ad online loans show no one sending messages while the vehicle was moving.

They considered that the scenes in which the ad featured the camera in use, showed the car either parked or travelling slowly and safely.

They believed that the fact that none of the photographs were blurred reinforced the message that the car had not been moving when they were taken. Citroen said the voice of the passenger in the radio ad encouraged the driver to keep their eyes on the road and that the ad included the spoken disclaimer "Always drive responsibly and only operate the camera when not driving".

They believed there was nothing in either ad that could contribute to a culture of dangerous, irresponsible or inconsiderate driving or motorcycling, especially among young drivers. Radiocentre believed it was clear that the man was a passenger who was telling the driver to focus on careful driving.

They believed there was no suggestion that anyone was actually using the in-car camera and pointed out that, at the end of the ad, there was a warning not to use the camera while driving. The ASA considered viewers would interpret the ad as illustrating how drivers could use the Citroen C3's in-car camera.

We considered that in some of the shots (where the driver was photographing the letters A and R) it appeared that the car might be moving, suggesting that the driver was using the camera while he was driving. We noted that there were few, if any, other vehicles using the road in any of the shots and that the action the driver needed to perform to use the camera appeared to be nothing more than would be involved in a driver adjusting music or the radio, which the Highway Code permitted as long as the driver was exercising proper control of the vehicle.

While we appreciated that the examples of actions or possible distractions given in the Highway Code could be undertaken in ways that would mean a driver was not exercising proper control of the vehicle, we considered there was no suggestion in the shots in the ad that the driver was distracted or not exercising proper control.

We therefore concluded that ad (a) did not condone or encourage dangerous or irresponsible behaviour prejudicial to safety and in breach of the legal requirements of the Highway Code, and that it therefore did not breach the BCAP Code.

On this point we investigated the ad under BCAP Code rules 20. Advertisements must not suggest that driving or motorcycling safely is staid or boring. We considered listeners would interpret the ad as referring to how the Citroen C3's in-car camera might be used, while at the same time the narrative warned of the potential distractions of passengers and events taking place outside the car.

Although the ad did not seem to involve either the driver or the passenger using the in-car camera, we considered listeners could interpret the ad to mean that the camera could be used to take photographs of people or scenes on the pavement or the road. We considered there was no suggestion in the ad that, if the camera was used, the driver would be unable to exercise proper control of the vehicle.

We therefore concluded that ad (b) did not condone or encourage dangerous or irresponsible behaviour prejudicial to safety and in breach of the legal requirements of the Highway Code, and that it therefore did not breach the BCAP Code.

Home Codes and rulings Rulings Citroen UK Ltd Background Summary of Council decision:Two issues were investigated, both of which were Not upheld. Son restylage est bien visible. Vu de dos, le nouveau C4 Cactus adopte des feux en deux parties. Entre la C3 et la C4, le distinguo est finalement assez mince.

Sur le papier, les choses sont claires. Pourtant les choses se compliquent. Ce que corroborent nos mesures. La C4 Cactus propose logiquement plus de puissance avec trois moteurs essence de 82, 110 et 130 ch et deux diesels, le 1. On trouve donc en tronc commun en essence les 1. En outre, la place centrale est accueillante. En revanche, les contre-portes en plastique dur ne sont pas valorisantes mais elles offrent de vastes rangements.

On regrettera toutefois une marche haute de 20 cm entre le seuil et le plancher et que la surface de chargement ne soit pas plane lorsque la banquette est rabattue. C'est une grosse C3.

Colour All Beige Black Blue Gold Green Grey Orange Purple Red Silver White 130 vehicles OK Cancel Search Now Title. View Van Stock VIEW HOT VAN DEALS Title. As one of the largest independent motor dealers in the county, we have always believed in the personal touch to help you get the most from the award-winning range of vehicles that we offer. From choosing and purchasing your new or used car, through to maintenance and after sales care, Warners Motors aims to make your experience a pleasant and memorable one.


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